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April, 22
Kylie Minogue at U2's Hotel...

Sexy Aussie Kylie Minogue is in Dublin and ShowBiz Ireland has the real scoop to why the pocket sized star is here, and it's not the reason the tabloids have picked up on...

Kylie leaves U2's Clarence Hotel

Yes, Kylie is in fact in Dublin and the press are on high alert, but as usual ShowBiz Ireland has tracked her down to get these exclusive shots.

The Irish papers said this week that Kylie was in Dublin to hide out from the UK media after the "kiss 'n' tell" by her suicidal ex boyfriend James Gooding.

Kylie leaves U2's Clarence Hotel

But this is not the case. Kylie is in fact in Dublin to record some new material in BIFFCO studios in the city centre.

Although this may seem convenient considering all of the media attention at the moment BIFFCO is not the type of place you can merely turn up at the door and start recording, so her Dublin trip was planned well in advance.

Kylie flew into Dublin from Paris on Sunday night and is staying in U2's plush Clarence Hotel.

She is reported to be seeing a new lover, French man Olivier Martinez.

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March, 11
Kylie Minogue’s posterior is ‘Hit of the Brits’ timberlake holds kylie's ass! he is lucky son of a bitch !!!!! :D

Kylie Minogue’s bottom was unanimously voted the “Hit of the Brits” by the London tabloid press on Friday after the British record industry’s big night of the year.

Australia’s pocket-sized pop princess brought the house down when she performed a duet on Thursday night at the music awards ceremony in London with American star Justin Timberlake, one-time beau of Britney Spears.

Minogue has conquered the pop charts on both sides of the Atlantic with her catchy songs but it is in Britain that the tabloids are obsessed with her posterior.

“Kylie desirable” decreed the Daily Mail after her Brits spectacular. “Kylie’s bum is so yum,” proclaimed The Daily Star. “A Dream Bum True,” said The Sun.

As Kylie wiggled provocatively in their duet, Timberlake could not resist grabbing her most famous part.

Afterwards the 22-year-old American was lost in admiration for the 34-year-old Australian’s much lauded figure.

“I’ve heard people in Britain are obsessed with Kylie’s bottom and I can totally see why. I’m pretty obsessed with it now too,” he said. “On a scale of one to 10, Kylie’s bum is a 58,” he added after their raunchy “Rapture” duet.

“I could be real deep and serious and say there was a million reasons why I wanted to work with Kylie,” he said. “I want to say it’s because she is so professional and cool. But if I’m honest, it’s probably because she’s got the hottest ass I have ever seen.”

The former soap star from “Neighbours” had a string of hits in the 1980’s and early 1990s but her career then slumped. Now she is a hot ticket once more in the notoriously fickle music industry.

The singer, whose skimpy, corset-style outfits have set male hearts racing around the world, has forcefully denied the stories. “I really don’t do anything to my backside,” she said. “I have been getting a lot of grief about my posterior. It appears to have become a national obsession but I think the fuss is ridiculous.” —Reuters




February, 3

Kylie Minogue's exclusive lingerie
range is to reach UK stores next week, dotmusic can report.

The Love Kylie collection - which features satin, lace and fishnet designs - has been available in Australia since 2001 but will reach Selfridges stores in London and Manchester next week.

Items in the range have names such as 'Diva', 'Vamp' and 'Fever' are priced between £10 to £50.

Kylie, who was recently voted to have the most beautiful celebrity body in the world, says the range is "fashionable and flirtatious".

January, 26

Kylie Minogue
has the most beautiful celebrity body in the world, according to a new survey.

The tiny pop princess fought off stiff competition from the likes of Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez to top the recent poll of 10,000 people for Celebrity Bodies magazine.

Pop Queen Madonna just scraped the top ten of the survey, whilst Aussie newcomer Holly Valance found herself at seventh place, just ahead of supermodel Elle 'The Body' Macpherson.

England football ace David Beckham topped the male version of the poll, which saw Brit singing star Robbie Williams at seventh place.

The Female Top 10 in full:

1 Kylie Minogue
2 Halle Berry
3 Jennifer Lopez
4 Liz Hurley
5 Angelina Jolie
6 Cat Deeley
7 Holly Valance
8 Elle Macpherson
9 Madonna
10 Kelly Brook

January, 25


Kylie Voted Best Celebrity Body! 
Kylie Minogue has topped a poll organised by Celebrity Body magazine for Best Celebrity Body - beating close rivals Jennifer Lopez, who won last year, and Angelina Jolie. Kylie came top out of 10,000. Editor Rashmi Madan said that the overall results reflected a preference for the fuller figure, unlike previous years. Most surprising result was that Big Brother's Jade Goody came 50th - just one place behind Anna Kournikova.

January, 23


In an unusual change to one of music's most stable ratings, Kylie Minogue has leapt up the all time popularity poll of pop stars.

On the back of a string of hits this year, Minogue has shot from number 40 in the poll to 25, leaping over Whitney Houston and Prince.

The poll is based on the number of weeks an artist has spent in the charts and is complied by authors of the Guinness British Hit Singles book.

The top of the charts usually barely changes from year to year, as it is dominated by artists with decades of hits under their belts and acts who charted in a period when they would top the charts for months.

The list is topped by Elvis Presley who has 1,185 weeks on the chart - a positioned further aided this year by JXL's re-working of 'A Little Less Conversation', which spent 12 weeks in the charts in 2002.

Kylie clocked-up more than 40 weeks in the top 75 this year.

January, 15

MTV Europe Music Awards
Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Alicia Keys were the big winners at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards. The pint-sized antipodean pop princess won two awards with Best Pop and Best Dance. J-Lo won Best Female, and Alicia Keys crowned a triumphal year with the Best R&B award.

Kylie shines at MTV Europe Awards
Pint-size pop-princess Kylie Minogue was crowned queen of the European charts at the recent MTV Music Europe Awards. Kylie picked up two awards - for Best Pop and Best Dance. She had to stand on a box to reach the microphone for her thank you speech! The Australian beauty also told the crowd that she needed a rest after one of the busiest years of her long career.

Kylie's bum is cute says sister Danni
The usual rivalry between the Minogue siblings seems to be less obvious these days.
Danni Minogue told The Sunday Mirror Magazine M Celebs that her sister's bum deserved all the attention it gets and that is was cute.

More awards nominations!
The Top Of The Pops Awards due to take place on November 29th at the Manchester Evening News Arena is set to be an exciting event. Ronan Keating is to host the show which will include performances by Kylie Minogue, Gareth Gates and Will Young amongst others. Will Young is up for Top Newcomer, Top Single and Top PopGareth Gates, Atomic Kitten and Sugababes are also up for Top Pop and Top Newcomer.
Shakira is nominated for Top Single and Kylie Minogue is up against some stiff competition for Top Tour. The show will be shown on BBC1 on Saturday November 30.

Kylie and Ozzie Osbourne Duet Planned
Kylie is set to re-issue her single Especially For You which she first released with her Neighbours co-star Jason Donavon. This time she will serenade rocker Ozzy Osbourne, whose reality TV show The Osbournes will feature Kylie as a guest in the New Year. Kylie became friends with Ozzy's daughter Kelly,when they recently toured America together.

Kylie Wins Top Tour Award
Kylie Minogue could hardly speak above the cheering crowd in Manchester at the recent Top Of The Pops Awards as she accepted her award for Top Tour. Kylie who has now won the award two years running was wearing a micro mini cutaway dress. She was applauded enthusiastically by her sister Danni, there to co-present an award.

kylie's hot ass - superb shots!




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